Open Spaces

Please treat the open spaces in a way that they can be enjoyed by every one. Metal detectives have been seen at work on Rodway Hill Common digging up earth and consequently leaving the common littered with small holes. If you see metal detectives/treasure hunters on the common please report them to the police as it is a criminal activity and something that the council can not act on alone.

In the same vein, please can all dog walkers pick up any mess and dispose of it either in a dog waste bin or take it home. Throwing bags into the bushes, or stuffing it through fencing does not help. In the winter when all the brambles and weeds have died away some areas are littered with dog mess bags which defeats the object of picking up in the first place.

The Green Dog Walkers campaign, in a friendly way, aims to change attitudes about dog fouling. Dog walkers sign a pledge which signifies that they always:

  • Clean up their dog mess.
  • Wear an armband or use a lead sleeve when walking their dog to display that they support the campaign.
  • Carry spare doggie bags to give to those without.
  • Be a friendly reminder to other dog walkers to clean up after their dogs.

Please download the pledge form and return this to the dog warden at :

South Gloucestershire Council, P O Box 299, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood. BRISTOL BS15 0DR

Please pick up your litter too and make use of the plentiful litter bins that are sited around the the local community. However do not use the litter bins to deal with waste from your own home. Litter bins in public areas are to deal with litter in the streets, not domestic waste, food waste and the like. Litter bins will be removed if residents continue to put household waste in them.

Details of Land owned by Emersons Green Town Council or where Emersons Green Town Council acts as a custodial trustee

  1. Rodway Hill Common – The tract of about 35 acres known as Rodway Hill at Rodway Common. Including the woodland area known as Carsons Copse.
  2. The pieces of land known as Emersons Green Common and Green Lane containing 5 acres or thereabouts.
  3. Common land at Vinney Green containing 2.4 acres or thereabouts.

  4. Two pieces of land containing 1.2 acres or thereabouts in Blackhorse Road at the junction of Dibden Lane and Elm Tree Ave.

  5. Common land at Windsor Place containing 0.4 of an acre or thereabouts.

  6. A triangular piece of land alongside Westerleigh Road between the Beefeater Premier Inn and Blackhorse Garage.