Committee Structure

Chairman:  Cllr Rich Nichols known as the Mayor of Emersons Green Town Council

Vice Chairman:  Cllr Simon Budd known as the Deputy Mayor

Planning Committee

Cllrs R Hunt (Chair), Adams, Budd, Cannard, Morgan, Nichols, Somers and Wilkins

Finance Committee

Cllrs Todd (Chair), Adams, Budd, Hill,  Johnson, Nichols, Shepherd & B Wiltshire

Personnel Working Group

Cllrs Nichols (Chair), Budd, R Hunt, Johnson & Morgan

Open Spaces & Allotments Committee

Cllrs Somers (Chair), Adams, Hill, C Hunt, Johnson, Morgan, Nichols, & Todd

Events Committee

Cllrs Budd (Chair), Cannard, R Hunt, Morgan, Nichols, Somers & I Wiltshire

Community Engagement Forum

Cllr Nichols as Chairman

Transport/Night Bus

Cllr Todd

Town & Parish Council Forum

Clerk, Cllrs Budd & Nichols

Other Positions

Tree Warden: Cllr Hill

Pigeon Liberation Warden: Cllr Hill

South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership: Cllr Budd

ALCA representative: Cllr Budd

Lyde Green Community Association representative: Cllr Al-Hassan

Lyde Green Partnership: Cllr R Hunt