2021 Warm Home Discount Open to Applicants

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2021 Warm Home Discount Open to Applications

Do you know about the winter Warm Home Discount? The government grant scheme is available to pensioners and those on benefits and offers a one off payment of £140 paid to you in the form of a discount on your winter electricity bills. This government grant has been available annually to qualifying individuals since 2011and is offered through your electricity supplier year after year.
The exact qualifications for receiving the Warm Home Discount change depending on the supplier, but generally to qualify you or your partner have to have been in receipt of one of the following as of July this year: The guarantee credit element of pension credit, certain means-tested benefits, or low-income support.

For those who qualify and apply, the £140 discount will be added to your electricity bills by March 2021, when the scheme ends. If you miss this year’s application, the scheme reopens in early Autumn for the following year. It’s best to apply early as the scheme tends to fill up quickly. A full list of this year’s energy suppliers working with the grant, as well as information on if you qualify and how to apply can be found in the Selectra Warm Home Discount Guide.

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