About us

Mangotsfield has existed for many centuries with Manegodesfelle appearing in the Domesday Book in 1086.  The area has been covered by a Parish Council since they were first introduced in 1894.

In 2015 Mangotsfield Rural Parish Council changed its name to Emersons Green Town Council following a Community Governance Review due to the considerable development taking place in the area.

The Town Council has 16 Town Councillors details of whom can be found here

The Town Council is staffed by three members of staff; the full time Clerk, Kath MacConnachie, and two part time assistants, Mrs Donna Simmons and Mr Richard Hull. 

Contact details are available on the ‘Contact us’ page.

The Town Council has a number of committees which it appoints members to sit on. 

Information on committee structure and responsibilities can be found here.

Meeting dates and papers can be found here.